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Years ago while studying in Greece the locals provided worry beads for me to hold and use incase of worry ( I still have them in my jewelry box) Emotional attachment so to speak and ... Yes, yes I said it... worry beads. These beads are not Rosary beads... they are actual worry beads.

Worry.... what a useless emotion, huh? What is worry and why should or do we engage with such fraughtness? The useless emotional attachment of worry is for one to wonder about the uncontrollable. Worry is typically circling around in our heads and is specific in nature. This emotion may trigger problem-solutions and is often verbalized. You may have heard or even said something like, “I am so worried about.....” Tell me please... what does the word worry mean?

The emotion of worry helps each one of us to feel as though we have thought about self as-well-as others in situations of physical/financial health or well being. What do you worry about and why? Is it the future, present or past that would deserve your hard earned time and energy invested into worry? Possibly instead of worrisome engagement- consider taking positive concrete action toward making an impactful statement away from the useless activity of fret.

Yoga practice facilitates multiple opportunities toward understanding our emotional engagement. Worry-must serve some purpose..... right? But what purpose do you feel the engagement of worry provides for you? Alignment of breath, thought and action streamline daily life

actions inclusive of yoga movement and practice. No, fingers cannot just snap and have one transformed away from worry engagement. The action of moving away from worry takes concentration and conscientious effort. Go ahead.... worry... Go ahead ..... worry go away....Strike a Pose-Worry- Don’t worry... Be Happy- Unless the action of worry makes YOU happy.

Namaste Ways to your choice... Namaste Ways to worry, whatever that is.....Namaste Ways.

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Kecia Williams Schwab
Kecia Williams Schwab
21 Sep 2020

This is something that I really need to work on!!!

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