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Friends..... huh? “I’ll be there for you... OK, not the show with the 6 humans in the forever changing roommate rotation... actually, really having you have them?

Yoga practice teaches a treasured benefit of how to befriend ones-self. Each of us could use someone to count upon and someone who could count on us. Who better than oneself to lift up spirits or snap us off our J-LO back into reality. You may have heard the phrase, “They know where all the bodies are buried”. Would you classify the “They” as friends? The question posed is do you have acquaintances, friends or neither? Keeping in mind co-workers and peers are co-workers and peers, period.

The syndicated television show Friends has a segment called Pivot which displayed (friends) roommates moving furniture. Huh? Friends... do they help move furniture? Do friends commit to helping move furniture and then beg off? Are they still friends? Were they ever friends?

Wherever and whenever you designate a yoga space you have a solid, safe, stable friend-like environment that lifts you up and snaps you into reality. Friends-may we have them, may we be them, may we cultivate and cherish them. One more time, make new friends and keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.

Namaste Ways to silver and gold as your designated yoga space. P.S. Phone a friend (the one who would help bury the body) for yoga class. Namaste Ways AIS 8:30 AM.

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