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My father- in -law has stated he has watched me chew someone’s arse, sell an igloo filled with crushed ice to an ice house dweller, while kindly smiling all conducted with a form of inquiry. That’s right isn’t it CHOC.....his name is CHOC a/k/a Paw Paw.

LIFE.....Breath, ACTION. My father -in -law has been so very good to this spoiled brat from NJ. CHOC thought I was the spoiled one in my family....then he met my siblings and realized it was an epidemic. Ahhhhh the line of inquiry. I went to get my car oil changed at the local KWIK place I was too damned lazy to drive to the dealership. The technician asked me what type of oil do I want in the car

synthetic or regular? Here is my response-Whatever it’s supposed to have put it in there. I have no idea I went with synthetic I guess if I would’ve gone to the dealership they would’ve just taken care of it and it wouldn’t cost any money. Like I said I was too damned lazy to drive to dealership. So asked...answered. Have you just rolled the dice with asking questions and answering because sometimes I do…ROLL 7/11, SNAKE EYES, VEGAS ATLANTIC CITY... oh we are not traveling this year it seems... So I will practice yoga and inquiry.

In life, in sales, in relationships, inquiry and listening are essential skills. Ask yourself......listen to the response.... THAT WAS A FUNNY? Ask a closed question. A closed question directs the conversation, takes command guiding minimizing surprises in the response. A closed question provides choices. An example -would you like to practice yoga today at 8:30, 930 or 11 AM? A closed question is helpful when a person just wants a response with minimal effort. The response to a closed question could be yes, no, or maybe. Clearly cut a closed question receives a response, Right? You may use a closed question often with children, siblings or where quick information is solicited. Ask an open question. An open question allows the inquirer to gather information. The responder to an open question is prompted to expound, and provide items that have not been discussed or expressed. An open question allows the responder to creatively place together an answer.

Now in your life you may have asked or answered many questions..... ASKED/ ANSWERED-DONE. When I ask Uncle Ed a question, I tend to go with a closed question. The response of yes, no, maybe. Uncle Ed’s response to a yes /no closed question goes something like this, ne-yeah. WTH? Ne-yeah? Ne-yeah is a long standing pattered response to a closed yes/ no question from Uncle Ed. You see what I have figured out over time is that Ne-yeah response permits uncle Ed to at anytime then re-provide his response. Uncle Ed may use yes or no at a later date depending how the wind is blowing. NE-yeah... now NE-yeah is very different from Namaste. Occasionally when questioned about a ne-yeah response Uncle Ed throws Namaste. Possibly this is a new way to use Namaste.

In a law and order get to the facts Mam’ type setting a controlled conversation takes preference depending on the inquirer. No no not the Philadelphia Inquirer or the Fort Worth Star- telegram. Solid journalism seems to have lost those who would ask any type of investigative inquiry. Circling back to Yoga/ life, how do you decide how to ask a question? Gathering information from your partner, healthcare provider, a Kroger website, friends, family, employer or the state how do you decide what questions are relative and important, and not just irritants?

Moving onto the Namaste Ways how do you manage both your inquiry and your response? Try a smile as you chew someone’s arse. Practice your Namaste Ways. Smile again.

Would you please Say Hi to Choc on NAMASTE WAYS on FB? Yes, NO, MAYBE..... Namaste Ways ASKED and ANSWERED, Namaste Ways.

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Hi Choc !! Do you read Wendy’s blog ?!?🤔💜😘?

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