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· 1.the addition of an extra element or amount to something: "women with unexplained fatigue may benefit from iron supplementation" Powered by Oxford Dictionaries

Supplementation- mmmm.....what defines supplementation for you and why would anyone want to use supplementation? If you breastfed an infant you may have had a Pediatrician or Neonatologist recommend you supplement the breast milk with formula so that the infant has an additional amount to enhance their life. At first you may have felt scared or less than at the supplementation recommendation. In a nano-second you jolted to reality that the physician recommended what was best practice for the infant. Right?

Yoga practice is the addition of an extra element to ones life, hence a supplement-wouldn’t you agree? Let’s talk about additional supplementation avenues. Do you use supplementation in anyway? This is not a push or advocation for

supplements - only an experiential observation. Yes, to enhance the pandemic belly and J-Lo let’s start with the supplementation of fish oil- three K-9’s, and two humans in our household take fish oil twice daily. Our Pediatrician (Vet) recommends fish oil for the Woof, Woofs and our PCP recommends fish oil for humans. Additional supplementation rounds out #dietcoke with multivitamins, vitamin D, fiber, magnesium, turmeric, milk thistle, collagen, preservation, and occasionally spirulina to supplement meals. Yes, yes, the ole one doesn’t need supplementation- you can get everything you need from food just doesn’t hold the mustard. Ahhh mustard on a Philadelphia Soft Pretzel....sooo good and definitely a supplementation to ENHANCE and EXPAND the pandemic belly and J-Lo.

Yoga supplementation for calmness of your breath, soul, mind and physicality may just hold the mustard. You will come to know the power of supplementation. If you see or feel no difference post using the addition of an extra element then why would you continue to use supplementation? Well, our family medical expertise differs in recommendations from our non family medical expertise- we are continuing with supplementation - that is with yoga practice and fish oil, et. al. Possibly, the recommendation of eating a Philly Soft Pretzel will hold the mustard for you too.

Namaste Ways to supplementation. Oh Hell Eat the damned PRETZEL. (If you want too). Namaste Ways.

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