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Well, if I had to stop to listen once or twice, if I had close my mouth and open my eyes, if I had cooled my head and warmed my heart, many relationships may have been repaired. Have you ever looked back when things were less heated, emotional, tearful moment, and regret how it all went down and calmly now realize what should have been said, what should have happened to make a relationship healed? I know I have, I just haven’t really been able to heal relationships, especially ones that I didn’t realize there was a problem. And how can I, if I wasn't aware there was a problem in the first place, maybe that’s the awareness challenge?

Searching for people from your past, I have had the fortunate opportunity of locating or being located by two people from my past. Both of these people I met when we lived in Springfield Missouri and both of those people were meaningful in my life at that time and then because of moves or changes or just the action of life, we lost touch. And I always think that I’m the one that needs to get back in touch.

I’ve searched for those two people and searched and what I found out later is that they said they were also searching for me and finally just by happenstance, one friend found me because I wrote a review for a tour company called LA tours. And the other found friend was just a happenstance on Twitter... just a happenstance. And a happy happenstance for both of these re-connections.

Yoga practice is a re-connection within yourself and allows you to connect outside of yourself.

Many of you may have heard that over the last several years that I have been on a search for a high school classmate. I wrote a letter to the postman marked it bright and early the next morning, it came back to me and the letter said “Return to Sender, Address Unknown, No such

zone.” Elvis impersonation is over. I have searched for this classmate via social media. Other classmates as well, and no one has heard from her. Her middle name is very unique and so there’s no mistake when I located this person in Southern California that it was her. This classmate appears to live in a gated community with a very high guard gate and she wouldn’t answer the  

phone or return my calls to the number I was calling, but you know you have no idea if the number I was calling is still a correct number anymore. I waited at the guard gate, guard just was not gonna budge it’s a massive guard gate and a massive community in Southern California. I said, “Uncle Ed I can go ahead and jump the gate I can run, I can do it”, and Uncle Ed said, “Yes, but you’re not gonna be able to out run security at the top of the hill.” Boy was he right, lol! So I sent flowers to the address with a note and I asked her if she would please contact me. That I was not selling anything, I just wanted to see her and to know that she’s well and just to catch up with an old friend. So I’m kind of worried, because I am sure if she found out it was me, that she would reach out and contact me back...but nothing! Sadly, to this day July 1, 2020, she has not tried to reach out to me.

Yoga practice teaches us to be in the present, do the best we can, treat ourselves with compassion and keep our ego in check. Sounds so easy doesn’t it? Maybe that was a relationship I did not even realize needed healing, Or maybe keeping my ego in check… this has nothing to do with me at all?!? So one more time I will send a letter to the postman...guess we'll see.

Namaste Ways Janet Leith Wardle, Kecia Schwab and J.Lloyd Hinsley, Namaste Ways.

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Kecia Williams Schwab
Kecia Williams Schwab
03 Αυγ 2020

So glad I didn’t give up looking for you my friend 😘

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