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AIS - possibly you have heard of this acronym? The non-prime time television show Everybody Loves Raymond has an entire episode devoted to AIS. Have you ever watched “Raymond”? Comedian Ray Romano stars in this CBS comedy running in syndication on TV Land. Romano’s talent has shown and performed with multiple screen credits inclusive of and not limited to Men of a Certain Age and the 2017 feature film The Big Sick with Holly Hunter.

Anyway back to AIS, the acronym for A$$ in $eat. Uncle Ed has stated that when we decide to go somewhere all is good once we actually get into the vehicle...The challenge becomes an AIS situation with the actually leaving the house part. Possibly, you have had this situation

too...Uncle Ed has proclaimed that I attempt one more task completion than the AIS time frame permits. Can you believe that? When we as a couple are going out.... Uncle Ed moves the timeline up to leave sooner than what was agreed. I am then in the middle of emptying the dishwasher, filling the dogs’ water or involved in another menial activity (his thought). My A$$ is then NOT in the automobile $eat, ready to leave.

AIS is an agreed upon time for people to leave together as a unit or someone gets left behind. AIS is a term our family has adopted when setting a time to leave together. Here is an example of a universal Yogini AIS. You plan to attend a yoga session at a specified time either in person or virtually. You acknowledge that traffic may influence your route, arrival and attendance, so you plan accordingly. You realize that traffic may appear as physical objects (automobiles) or physical beings (humans, animals, etc.). AIS is the specified time you decide upon to meet YOU at your yoga session. The dishes will remain in their designated positions awaiting you post your NAMASTE WAYS. In fact, your dishes are cheering for you to put AIS....

Namaste Ways to your AI$. Namaste Ways. See you at 8:30 A.M. AIS.

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