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Hello Everyone! Some terms you may hear or feel during yoga practice. Most popular yoga responses to proposed poses: Are YOU kidding me? Your body will go where your mind will allow: I cannot do that; I am not doing that; Maybe I will try that; Maybe I can try a version of that; I will try that; I am trying that; I can do that; Look, I am working on trying that. Wherever you are...that is where you are supposed to be.

So just bring your nose right to your toes. Just put your big toe right up into your ear, right in it. Your nose goes right to the floor ready… I am there, you are? See, you did it!

Writer(s): Sam Cooke

Some other yoga terms could begin with You know, you may say to yourself many things and also have yourself hear many things.... it has been a long time coming and change is gon’ come.

So breathe, shake your J-Lo, pay it forward, listen, hear and feel! Change is gon’ come! Sam Cooke wrote those words. This week Lizzo provided how to listen, hear, feel, breathe. Change is gon’ come for you…Namaste Ways.

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