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Let’s begin with a guiding principle of dentistry as relayed to me this week-one healthy root one healthy tooth. You have a favorite dentist I bet. I know my family does. Ours is Dr. Ara. You may have heard me say she is the best dentist on the planet and I believe it. You may believe that about your dentist. Inhale…exhale - moving on.

Now, some teeth have two roots, but one healthy root to one healthy tooth works. Your dentist may tell you this or maybe your dentist has different recommendations. Go ahead ask the

dentist when you are there. I am not shy. And from dentistry there is a natural bridge to orthodontics and yoga. Bridge- yoga pose keep your J-Lo out of the Trinity River - oh dentistry- now orthodontics. Bridge-Golden Gate… I digress. Always remember the Golden Rule of Orthodontics: Do no harm. Orthodontics you say? This is a place to discuss Yoga right? Golden rule of yoga: DO NO HARM.

Possibly, orthodontics has touched your life in some manner? A child, a spouse or even you may have dabbled with this change for betterment. Yoga, you may have dabbled with this practice for

betterment. Yoga and Orthodontics first do no harm. Orthodontics, or as I pose Orthodontia is an inclusive non-exacting science involving, but not limited to tooth movement, stability and alignment, beginning with a panoramic X-ray view of tooth roots. Movement, stability, alignment ahhhh yoga may begin with a panoramic view rooted in thoughts. Yoga, roots. Yoga practice mentions root your J-Lo, root your breath, root your feet and spread your toes for deeper roots. Yoga,

building deeper, stronger, stable roots for the betterment of movement and alignment except when resorption occurs. Boring educational commercial coming up. Ask your orthodontist. Our orthodontist in DFW is Lustig and Young in Springfield, Mo. it was Dr. Wes Allai.

Ed says my J-Lo is at a dentist and orthodontist appointment each week no