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Sometimes an unfortunate tragedy occurs - a horrific domestic dispute, or a behavioral /mental health catastrophe. Neighbors, distant relatives, or past acquaintances chime-in with their two cents of how wonderful or creepy people have appeared, previous too or immediately post a horrid occurrence. Each person‘s two cents is a version.

Versions- how many versions may appear about a person? Let’s explore a version of the actress Daryl Hannah... remember

SPLASH, JFK, Jr., current spouse of Neil Young... and OH YEAH- one time partner of Jackson Browne (musician) the do it again AMEN, No Nukes STAND and FIGHT talented Jackson Browne who reportedly beat the living $hi( out of Daryl Hannah not once but twice...REPORTEDLY.. then was somewhat vindicated .. Do you recall? Sounds similar to an historical Rihanna version, for those of you under 50- Huh? Versions- what version happened with Jackson Browne? Maybe Jackson Browne and Daryl Hannah choose not to remember what version is

truth post multiple refinements. Did Daryl Hannah and Jackson Browne really know one another? Was pharmacology involved with their relationship? Who knows? Huh? Well, one could make an argument that their relationship was no one else’s business-until the domestic dispute spilled into an alleged hospital emergency department visit. Do we know ourselves? Do we know others?

I know you better than you know yourself.” Fortunately, this statement was thrown from one relative toward yet another relative, and I laughed aloud. Preposterous was my thought. Do we really ever know another person? For that matter, do we really ever know ourselves, or do we know only versions of ourselves? You know, the work version, family version,

undergraduate version, $hi((y friend version etc..... Versions of ourselves, like white paper drafts that label V1, so that V1 is a starting or jump off point, an idea set for refinement V1.

Version 1 set for refinement is synonymous with yoga practice. Each yoginis practice refines breath and movement and no one needs to put in their two cents on negative versions. HA! Like that has ever stopped another person from sharing...Think about it. What versions of

selfies did Jackson Browne and Daryl Hannah end up with post their V1? Would yoga practice help refine your V1 selfie? Here is two cents. I vote YES for your V1 yoga refinement.

Namaste Ways to what really happened in the version between Jackson Browne and Daryl Hannah. Namaste Ways to refinement. Namaste Ways.

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