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Well, as I finish rattling, rambling dissertation fanaticism the topic of healing rises to the top of the thought heap. Yoga practice on and off the mat teaches healing. You remember when you were little, fall down on J-Lo go boom-get a band aid, then get up shake your J-Lo and all healed.

Healing Relationships, familial and non familial, Physically and mentally takes EFFFFFFFOOOOOORRRRRTTT! Nostalgically the word “Healer” was engraved on the backside of my “Daddy’s” headstone. Now, in our family my siblings may chime that “He” was not solely “My Daddy” (a future blog, can you hear me now?), Oh WAIT…that is a Sprint commercial, LOL. The word “Healer” was my recommendation because “He” practiced more than the profession of being a physician. My brother contributed the view that the “Healer” engraving was stupid and people will remember “Healer” as a last name. Inhale, Namaste Ways. We each have our thought patterns….Exhale, Namaste Ways. Effort, practice, breathe. The one time my mother takes a recommendation from me for a headstone engraving-my sibling objects post completion. What a “healing” thought (sarcasm abounds) Inhale Namaste Ways Exhale.

Healing, the active process of feeling whole takes effort and forgiveness not forgetting. What effort must occur for healing? For me, a healing effort is to forgive. Yoga practice teaches me to forgive. Proficiency with forgiveness takes practice with effort. Effort with forgiveness

combined with effort to remember. Yoga practice helps to heal your heart, mind, body and spirit. With yoga practice you decide where and how you concentrate healing. Healing does happen. Inhale, Exhale, Breathe. Namaste Ways Healing Forgiveness with Remembrance, Namaste Ways.

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