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The mind, body, spirit and breath work in concert to locate a yogini’s rooted center, grounded with a new found pathway directed by light and darkness generated from the moon shadow. Energy and calmness combine for a feeling of exhilaration and a reset of a personal compass. Yes, yes let it be said... compass, moral compass. Finding ones true the way, why is it the phrase ones true North? Why isn’t the phrase finding ones true West or ones true Southeast? Doesn’t have the same ring to it as finding ones true North, now does it? You know what, yoga pose efforts sometimes wobble, and then with focus the true North appears. Calming and cooling postures or posturing positions abound.

By the light of the silvery moon (the movie or the song) shares a story of finding ones true North a calming, cooling, quiet place. Included in this post is a video clip from I Love Lucy, illustrating By the Light of the Silvery Moon. I Love Lucy starred Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance and William Frawley. A True North search was personified through the life journey shown in escapades displayed during the episodes of this timeless physical comedy. Have you watched I Love Lucy in reruns?

One evening several years ago the opportunity to meet Lucy Arnaz came to

fruition. Here comes six degrees of separation by the light of the silvery moon shadow guided by ones true North. Ms. Arnaz is married to Laurence Luckinbill (who was once married to Robin Strasser, Dorian Lord on One Life to Live) hence Arluck Productions was formed, a hybrid like Desilu Productions. During the “meet and greet” Ms. Arnaz discussed her famous parents, stating that when her Dad was home from work he was exactly that home from work. When her Mom was home from work she was working, she was always working, and she never seemed to stop working. I had tears running down my face as I spoke with Ms. Arnaz. Her mother had recently passed away on 4/26/1989. She recalled how her famous mother was always working, and I reminisced about the joy her mother brought to many others as well as myself, because she was

always” working, entertaining or refining bits. Escapades, Icecapades, Disney on Ice or Disney + finding ones true North is attainable with focus, after a wobble. Always working, always working was that “always working“ Ms. Ball’s true North? Sometimes, a person wraps themselves in the cocoon of work, to feel controlled, collected and safe. Not that I would know about any of that.... especially the control part. When the focus is only work, maybe the journey for true North gets derailed. Strike the moon salutations calming,

cooling, quiet prose and pose...Dial back on the “always working”. Begin looking at your compass for directions toward your True North.

Namaste Ways by the light of the silvery moon. Namaste Ways (sing it with me please) I’m being followed by a moon shadow, moon shadow, moon shadow.....Namaste Ways.

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Kecia Williams Schwab
Kecia Williams Schwab
10 aug. 2020

I love Lucy!!! I always watch the Christmas special. Thanks for posting ❤️

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