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The passing of time. The passage of time. Either way, time moves onward. There isn’t anything that is forever as the saying goes. Horrible things do not last forever, even though it seems like they do. Fantastic things don’t last forever, as they seem to be gone in the blink of an eye. Each day, hour, minute, or second is a passing of time. Listening to the news commentators or reading anything on a social media/Internet posts projects an undertone if not an out right statement about items that are being missed during the pandemic. Things that are missing, WTH? We might be missing things, Idk, but what about all of the things that we have gained? This is not a count your blessings discussion. This is a statement about focus.

Yoga practice teachers us to be in the moment “right in the moment”. The focus of “in the moment” or "right at the moment", allows for the passage of time perspective that may hover in the horrific, fantastic or undecided. This perspective provides time to take a mindful breath. Here we go.....The overuse of buzz words such as mindfulness and blah, blah, blah, blah…blah sometimes have us overlook our gain. How about a slight focus on what is missing and a greater focus on the gain.

For all of the ship high in transit behavior that has been pushed towards the educational system in the United States of America-look where we are now. The educational system has gained - and facilitated lessons with fantastic, horrific and undecided rigor. Time passes. The secret of life is enjoying the passing of time. Any fool can do it. Open up your heart. With the passing of time, let us take responsibility and own up. The passing of time-horrific is not forever, fantastic is not forever and neither is undecided. OWN UP.

Shift the slight focus on what’s missing toward greater focus on the gain. There is a gain with owning up. Now when we discuss “gain” we could talk a little bit about a slight focus on what’s missing with discipline in our dietary patterns. Maybe what we’ve gained is a couple pounds during this passing of time.... Ha ha ha, that’s a blog for another passing time......that’s a little levity. While time passes, what are your emotional-self gains? Go ahead take a selfie. With an historical self look turn focus away from what’s missing and shift a greater focus on gain. Strike a yoga pose, take a breath,

look to see if your J-Lo has gained… so what if it has... a gain is a gain. Right?

Namaste Ways to horrific, fantastic, undecided. Namaste Ways to nothing missing. Namaste Ways the secret of life is enjoying the passing of time. Namaste Ways.

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