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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Sweet Seasons my, my, my..... four seasons come and go within the blink of an eye...Question-what is the correct season to practice yoga? Answer-All 4 seasons are correct. Choose any and all seasons of the year that are the correct seasons for you? There is no formula for a correct time frame for yoga practice or an exact expectation of a seasoned body positioning for a yoga pose. There is the yoga practitioner, a season, a breath, a wonder and an appeal. Yoga practice is like a sweet season on one’s mind. Sure does appeal to me... you know we can get there easily... Well, that all sounds rosy doesn’t it?

Actually, yoga movement sounds frightening, slightly mystical, and conjures in the mind that there is a requirement to possess the flexibility of a Cirque du Soleil

performer....(so not true though) Personally, yoga practice is grueling.... additionally yoga practice benefits are infinitely insurmountable. Sweet seasons on one’s mind. Sure does appeal to me, you know we can get there about sweet yoga seasons on one’s mind...Yoga appeal..... none... Yoga benefits.... look at the benefits. You decide what benefits you would like to sell to yourself.

Speaking of selling... have you watched Selling Sunset on Netflix? This series provides appeal, gruel and benefits. The viewer of Selling Sunset is transported to have sweet seasons conjure on one’s mind. There are also possibilities introduced to exercise increased flexibility, calmness of breath, orchestration of strategy, accountability of action and celebration of effort as well as success. Sweet seasons view on Selling Sunset. Sweet seasons appear with yoga practice even when grueling.