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Ahhhh vacation, affordavacation, quaravacation, Namastewayscation. Whatever the title of the “cation” I will wager each one of us is need of respite. Human respite may come infrequently and appear as a flaw. Human respite should come frequently scheduled or as an impromptu surprise. Let me introduce respite. Hello and Namaste healthy strength. Namaste is a yoga term meaning let the light in me honor the light in you. For my light to give honor, I need a scheduled or impromptu respite. The respite can be yoga in the form of locking ourselves in the bathroom, not vacating (get It - vacation in shower) (where often our best ideas arrive), not vacating the shower until prune like skin appears, planting ourselves in a tanning bed, or taking a walkabout. Speaking of a tanning

bed respite- have you ever used a tanning

bed? What is the appeal? The draw? Yes a tanner hide and J-Lo, of course cons for unhealthy skin, annndddd the actual draw is of respite, quiet, calm, serene, warm, secluded, with thoughts running through your head or sleep all in your birthday suit.

Yoga practice offers respite -now not in your birthday suit although you could practice in that fashion whether or not cognizant. Respite allows for a stay in place - much the same as our shelter in place provided a forced respite. Respite allows for travel. Travel seems a tad tougher in 2020 thus far. Traveling to the grocery, pharmacy and gas station have become “events”. Those events may offer you Respite.

Respite is a break - a change from something weighing on you. Yoga practice offers the yogini respite. YOGA can happen in the shower, tanning bed, locked in the bathroom or on a walkabout. What is your respite? Whatever you choose as RESPITE it IS YOUR STRENGTHPOINT. Namaste Ways to the healing Strength of Respite Namaste Ways.

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