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Waiting....hurry up and wait.... do not be late. I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. Hello, goodbye, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late.

When you are late, what message does it send to others? Maybe the message conveyed is that others are unimportant, or you feel you are more important. Waiting in line, at a stop light, for an appointment or an event could make you late or they could just have you waiting with patience as a lesson. Patience is a virtue as the phrase goes.

Yoga practice teaches patience. Moving into a pose, using a breath, transitioning to a body contortion that you have not previously seen, yep all with patience.

Patience - do you have the skill, or is patience a mindset? Either way patience is a tough gig. The essence of patience may present differently for each person. Waiting for a gazillion mile train to pass in front of you seems to show as an ultimate quiz of patience. You are in your auto with no place to turn except waiting it out with impatience. Why do we get impatient? Maybe it is a control thing? Impatience breeds anxiety that acknowledges patience is a virtue.

So move your J-Lo and pandemic belly throughout the day. Inhale patience and exhale impatience. Namaste ways hurry up and wait. Namaste Ways.

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