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A tag rubbing at your neck from a shirt, socks or shoes that create a blister, burning a finger on a hot pan.... all irritants. Right? Each one of us has items that irritate the living hell out of us. Toilet paper on the roll turned in the opposite direction, people on their phones at a stop light unready to GO on Green-getting in line behind the super coupon user at the grocery-OMG always me in the J-Lo position with only a few coupons if any- you? Uncle Ed has stated that I am like the Princess and the Pea. You know the story. Carol Burnett played the Princess on a TV special- do you remember it? Go ahead watch the special if you can. A princess had an irritant.

The littlest irritant needs eradication. Irritant - Let’s talk about shelf rearrangement in the fridge/pantry. Sustenance has placement. The questions- what and where is that placement? Take a breath, close my eyes and visual where Uncle Ed put the TRISCUITS. I closed my eyes and visualized sustenance at eye level. Uncle Ed puts the placement