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The Poconos. Yes, it’s a place in Pennsylvania, just beautiful! Years ago our family rented a home in the Poconos on Fairview Lake. One late dark night when we’re asleep, deep in the PA woods with zero television or communication avenues my Daddy had a heart attack. My Mother awakened me and shared she was going across the street to find a telephone. The ambulance finally did arrive, driving through the winding roads to rescue him. The only local hospital was in the next town over called Honesdale. Those Hawley, PA volunteer ambulance drivers and employees at the Honesdale Hospital and God saved my Daddy’s life that night. Based upon the surgeons report, my Daddy should not have survived that blow to the heart. My sister and I were left in the care of someone that we did not know until my MaMa and Pop Pop arrived. The picture was bleak and black. I remember that night vividly. I was there. Despite what my siblings share, my Daddy was 32 years old. Evers since, I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The Hawley Dinner (shown in the picture below) was owned by two brothers. Those brothers were the volunteer first responders that helped saved my Daddy on that dark night. On yearly return trips to the Poconos our family consumed many inexpensive dinners in the Hawley Diner. My Daddy invested with them each year as a small token for the self-less HELP they provided to our family.

Awaiting the other shoe to drop. I don’t know if this has happened to you, but there are often times when the focus gets shifted just awaiting something not so great. The wonder is why is it that we focus on the other shoe dropping instead of keeping both shoes together in the closet, on our feet, or at the  door, so that dirt doesn’t track inside. 

Shoes. Are any of you shoe horses? Get it, shoe horses, because we place a shoe horse inside of our shoes. OK, that was a little funny. We have comfortable shoes, dressy shoes, yoga shoes, slides or flip-flops, water shoes, an entire host of multiple foot coverings inclusive of boots high, low, medium, zip up, winter, pull on and rain.

You know you buy the matching foot coverings for either the event or the outfit so that the look is congruent, classy, and makes a statement. If you went into your closet and counted the shoes you have inside inclusive of sneakers and boots is the number staggering? Confession here is it possible we even hold onto shoes that either don’t fit us, rub us the wrong way or that are so worn out,  no one has use for them, but we hold onto them for some reason.

Yoga practice teaches us that we can be OK, when the other shoe drops. We can just pick up that pair of shoes put them together in the closet, or turn loose of them into the trashcan. Namaste Ways the other shoe drops. Namaste Ways.

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