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Updated: May 23, 2020

When I graduated from college in 1929..., I crocheted a blanket for one of my college roommates and her fiancé. At last contact, they still have that blanket, since 1929…can you believe it??? When our daughter was born, I made several crocheted blankets for her; this was shortly after 1929.

When my youngest nephew was born, I crocheted a blanket for him, and at last contact with my sister, she still has it.

When my oldest nephew got married, I created a blanket for the new couple’s union. It had been awhile since I had crocheted, and I was a little out of practice. The creation turned out a little catty wompus. But what I said to them was, “This crocheted blanket is not perfect, but it is kind of like marriage; you can use it to keep you warm, knowing no marriage is perfect, it’s a little longer on one side and a little shorter on the other, BUT it may help to keep you warm and bring you memories of comfort.” Each of you may have had similar experiences, right?

When I am given direction on how to do something, I may not like or agree with the direction (although sometimes there is not a negotiation, LOL). One assessment I can make is whether the direction was given clearly and concisely. With that assessment, I may choose to complete the direction with vigor, because I clearly understand the stance.

The Covid-19 virus surely has turned our world upside down, many well known experts have no clear direction. AND this wishy-washy BS of you do not have a job anymore because your job is not essential, shelter in place. However, you can get another job if you want because that job is deemed essential…say WHAT??? Direction 2.…you must wear a mask, but you don’t really need to wear the mask, because the mask really doesn’t keep anybody safe…SMH! This BS has gone on for almost two months with no clear direction or specified evidence. Example of states reopening cluster…The recent decisions of the Mayor of Colleyville, Texas and the cosmetologist in Dallas, Texas, have me kind of up in arms, but at LEAST they took a stance. NOW, I don’t have to agree with their decisions, however, I do respect the fact that they took a stance.

Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way! Linking people together is like a chain of crochet, leading from the back is the strongest link. When you lead from the front, people always seem to try and want to knock you down, tell you how what you did and/or are doing wrong. Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way! Don’t be upset to LEAD FROM THE BACK, because in essence that position is the strongest link!

So now that you know leading from the back is the strongest link, take a deep breath, feel good about yourself AND… shake your J-Lo, shake your J-Lo. Shake, shake, shake…Shake, shake, shake…shake your J-Lo and come to my next online class Monday morning! YOU CAN LEAD FROM THE BACK #Namasteways

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