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Let ye without sin cast the first stone. No I’m not going all religious or all biblical or any of that…! Yes, I graduated as and with a Religion major...Blah blah blah blah blah the question -is no one allowed to make a mistake? Without aaaahhhh and here we go again cause it’s gonna sound biblical, without becoming crucified/nailed to the cross.

People make mistakes right? There are many of us inclusive of this blogger that make, have made, and probably will continue to make mistakes. Now realizing the magnitude of the mistake - it is probably the decision of quote, unquote, the criticizer of the mistake that illicits the number of nails that used to tack one in-place once a person is tagged to have a

place onto the mistake designated cross.

Often going through life‘s trials and tribulations there are things that just cannot be fixed. A mistake, a genuine mistake, not a deception, not a convoluted mess of bullshit, a mistake can become remedied and redeemed in one’s own mind and community.

Yoga reflection, practice and intention permit the opportunity to take oneself and/or the perception of another down from the crucifixion. Yoga practice as a life focus shows how to get down from the cross by pulling the nails out of your appendages. The action of your breath allows you to work to make things, OK. You may not be able to make things all nice and rosie like it shows in the White

House’s beautiful rose garden, but you can make things OK with kindness. Kindness, it’s an overused term. Is it an overused action?

We live in the city of Fort Worth. A Ft. Worth city councilman was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Yes, yes he’s our councilman. Yes, yes we campaigned for him. Yes, yes he is our go to guy when we want to bitch about things in the City of Fort Worth and yes, yes I support Cary Moon. He has made a

mistake. This is the state of TEXAS in the United States of America. You are innocent until proven guilty.

Yoga practice teaches us that you, yourself can find innocence and kindness. Kindness is an overused term and an underused action. You can redeem and renew yourself with your breath and action of kindness. Go ahead and use the action - be kind. You may remember-for those of you over 50 that Mayor Marion Barry was charged and convicted of possession of

an illegal substance. Mr. Barry served time, recovered and returned as the elected Mayor of Washington DC. Possibly, we have shown mistakes may be forgiven. Let ye without sin cast the first stone. Confess ye sins for they will find thee out. And YES, my college roommate’s mother would be so proud of me for knowing those phrases.

Namaste Ways to forgiveness of mistakes and actions of kindness. Namaste Ways Cary Moon, Fort Worth City Councilperson. Namaste Ways.

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