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Updated: May 23, 2020

Loyalty - now here’s a term of which I am familiar. Possibly though, this term has multiple reaches and meanings and varies from each individual.

“Alma Mater, hail to thee! Sons and daughters all are we, Sing ye Braves of Blue and White Of our lasting loyalty. Giving knowledge and service For the rest of our lives, ln times of peace Or in deadly strife. ln the future, Williamstown High, Memories of you ne'er will die, As we reach our goals ln each heart it tolls, "Alma Mater, Hail to thee." (Marsha Simons, Class of '63 NX).

So loyalty you know, brand loyal... many of us are brand loyal. I am brand loyal to Coca-Cola, Costco and CVS, to name a few. Do you know what I’m talking about loyalty to a product or service?

Now let’s talk about loyalty among humans as in human interaction not company, yet interaction. OK take a big yoga breath here… Namaste Ways in and Namaste Ways out, shake your J Lo shake… shake… shake and let’s just for second talk about loyalty. You know there are moments when I have trouble formulating words about loyalty because in my soul and my palms, I passionately feel loyalty. And sometimes loyalty gets wrapped around with integrity. Sometimes to be loyal, doesn’t your integrity have to bend? Namaste Ways breath in, Namaste Ways breath out, normal breath…shake that J Lo, shake… shake… shake, loyalty lasting, loyalty giving, honor and service for the rest of our lives in times of peace or deadly strife.

Many families struggle with loyalty. Many companies struggle with loyalty. Look where we are today in the world. Where do loyalties lye? Loyalty one friend to another, insulation, protection, preservation, honoring the other person.

Loyalty makes good choices, practices compassion, keeps ego in check and to be consistent.

Loyalty - Where is yours AND what does it mean to YOU? Namaste Ways- loyalty; Namaste Ways-compassion; Namaste Ways- ego in check. Namaste.

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