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Often when I cannot fall asleep I re-watch the King of Queens on TV Land... One episode is about a boxer mix named Rocky. The premise is Carrie (the wife) realizes that her in-laws got a dog named Rocky for their son Doug when he was 11 years old. Doug is now 38. Carrie The wife deduced chronologically, Rocky the dog would now be 27 years old. Making the impossible-possible. Carrie was in a judgment awareness phase here. Making the impossible-possible with an untruth. Carrie’s in-laws shielded their son from the dogs passing 3 times over by continuing to get the same breed of dog and not disclosing any of the Rocky’s passing, therefore making the impossible -possible.

Keeping your word.....when does that happen? Making the impossible-possible. Now keeping your word part....when does that happen...? Making the impossible-possible can occur when a small step in any direction is taken to “understand you”. Yoga practice poses the impossible-possible, positions you to “understand you” and allows you to decide your importance quotient of keeping your word. Get it- poses, positions, decisions and importance quotients of you. Keeping your word... is that important to you, for you, or both? Is keeping your word important when another human does not keep their word because their faux pas involves you? Is it OK with you when you do not keep your word? Did I just throw out a judgment?

During yoga practice and life practice there is a work plan to stay out of judgment. WOWZA stay out of judgment... I must confess keeping my J-Lo out of judgment is a tough pose, a tougher position, and a hell of a rough decision weighted with importance quotients from every direction possible. Making the impossible -possible.

The King of Queens is a syndicated comedic TV show. Yoga is a syndicated comedic-dramatic life practice both on and off the mat. Get your J-Lo to make

the impossible-possible, position yourself to understand you, and decide about how to keep your word importance quotient. Namaste Ways King of Queens dog Rocky, Namaste Ways.

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