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Updated: May 21, 2020

Watching television.... wow do people watch TV anymore? Loyal TV watching. Coming to sit and watch a program you have grown to love or plan to grow to love..mmmmm. Mindless activity of TV watching ....or is it mindful? Yoga practice huh, mindless or mindful activity? Depends on the day, the hour or your particular mindset moment doesn’t it? Just like TV watching.

What type of TV programs do you fancy or are loyal to watching ...drama, comedy, dramedy, reality? All sounds like yoga practice to me. At anytime during my practice I am laughing, cracking a joke, (if you are 50+ you know what I am saying) mentioning a real time news item, referring to fun activities or combining all of them to maintain a balance.

Yoga practice allows a balance for both mindless and mindful activity. Yoga permits the yogini to laugh, at the situation at hand and at ones own-self. Yoga practice gives a yogini the openness to shake their J-Lo and laugh.

There is a dramatic component to yoga the same way a TV show may shower the watcher with dramatic flavor. And the dramedy and reality of yoga practice becomes apparent when a yogini gets into a pose and then topples... just like a TV show.

All in good spirit of breath, mindlessly and mindfully. TV abilities-multiple networks, different channels, multiple players appearing on different channels, variety, options, shows switching networks, big screen on smart screen, smart screens on

big screens limitless abilities.... ahhhh just like yoga practice... different variations, abilities, poses, times, helper tools, mindful and mindless breath... shaking a J-Lo and laughing. The laughter at a TV show is similar to yoga laughter, even when there is drama dramedy eases the breath and movement.

So try's just like watching a new TV show or an established favorite. You may or may not have grown to love yoga but yoga will love and accept you. Namaste Ways TV watchers NAMASTE WAYS.

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