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Namaste in Yoga

“Cultural practices change as they are borrowed and adapted. This is especially true for Namaste and the way it is used in Western yoga. While Namaste is often heard at the beginning of interactions in India, it’s standard for Western yoga teachers to say it at the end of class. However, in yoga, Namaste is rarely a formality or simple salutation. It’s a mindful practice that taps into the word’s deeper spiritual meaning. When you say, “Namaste” in yoga, you recognize and pay homage to 

that divine spark which resides deep within all of us. In this context, Namaste has a very specific meaning. It translates to, “The divine in me honors the divine in you.” One acknowledges themselves and others as inherently spiritual beings. By recognizing we are all part of the same divine creation, we see that we are all equal and one. We shed our egos, and instead, attempt to connect to one another through a shared sense of love and gratitude”. Balance Home Page 2020.

How something/anything is interpreted or translated can appear as mysterious. You know what I am saying, RIGHT? Let’s begin with the Sanskrit word Namaste’, or as my sister pronounced it NAH-MAS -TEE. The rolling laughter continues... NAH-MAS-TEE. My sister was directing (as she often does) to stop all this worry $h:4 and NAH-MAS-TEE. What? I screeched. She said, do that NAH-MAS-TEE $h:4 instead. What? I rescreeched? Mastectomy? No, she said- that $h:4 you say in yoga... YOU HAVE A WEBSITE with the name NAH-MAS-TEE WAYS... Ohhhhhh I phonetically sounded out. “NA MA STAY” Namaste That meansLet the

light in ME honor the light in YOU”. My sister then stated, YEAH that NAH-MAS-TEE means no worries after you do yoga, except you worry that you may not get your bodily feelings to return post contortions. Ohhhhhhh well sisterhood of the traveling pants...let’s try this translation, interpretation once again.

Yoga practice may seem mysterious, uncharted, and damned near awful. You could be exactly correct. Try a session, then try another, settle in and try a total of 6. If you are not hooked after your sixth session, then yoga may not be for you. Confession- I do not love YOGA or even like yoga. The benefits of yoga practice interpreted /translated through the mind /body/spirit screech Namaste, or as my sister translated NAH-MAS-TEE $h:4.

Namaste Ways NAH-MAS-TEE, Namaste Ways.

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