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Scissors, let’s talk about scissors. Sizes and purposes are multifold. How many types of scissors do you have? Scissors cut, shape, design, create, relieve, and bring or dismantle life. Scissor can draw blood- have you clipped your finger with a pair? Speaking of Blood. Amazon Prime’s dramedy thriller BLOOD, located in

Ireland excellently relates cutting people in and out of ones life to shape the positive. Ahhh locations... Possible scissor locations-kitchen, bathroom, office, sewing room, medical kit, garden or automobile to mention a few. You may have heard the phrases, cut the cord, cut them out of your life or cut out a niche’. How was my French on that phrase? There are just so many thoughts around scissors and the action that scissors emulate.

Yoga practice has flow movements of scissor appendages. A yogini moves their

body in a scissors like motion, which imitates making a snow angel while lying in the snow. Scissors. Where are the scissors? Growing up our home had one pair of scissors. The scissors were kept above the desk in the kitchen. Huh.

Let me say that one more time, the scissors were kept above the desk in the kitchen. In your family abode where did your keep your everyday scissors? Do you recall learning to use paper cutting scissors with rounded edges? When you learned how to use the big person’s scissors-a key “point” get it point, was to remember that you always had to hold the

pointed end of the scissors towards yourself when you’re handing the scissors to another. Our scissors, which were kept above the desk in the kitchen we’re not ever above the desk in the kitchen.

The scissors miraculously walked away more often than not. Have your scissors at any time just decided to take a walkabout? The scissors can take out and stroll to peruse another floor or room of the house just to see if they have to cut something? Where did the scissors go that were supposed to have been kept above the desk in the kitchen? Who knows? If you find the scissors, let me know...LOL. 

When we moved into a home where decisions were made from inside our immediate family, one of the decisions was that we were going to have scissors placed above the desk, in the drawer, upstairs in the bedroom, in the bathroom, and in the laundry room. Scissor placement is strategic (as in everywhere) just in case scissors were or are ever needed.

Yoga practice teaches us that you don’t always get what you want, but you do get

what you need. Scissors maybe used for construction or destruction both are of your decision. This week Uncle Ed asked, “How did his brown handled scissors become broken and where were his yellow handled scissors? “ My response, “The scissors are out taking a walkabout vacation with the scissors from my childhood". Who have you cut into your life for the positive? Who have you decided to cut out of your life for the positive? Use your scissors as you see fit, let them go on a walkabout vacation and

add some more to the scissor family. A scissor caddy is a great addition to our home.

Namaste Ways scissors. Namaste Ways to cut someone in or out of your life for the positive. Know where your scissors walkabout. Namaste Ways.

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1 commentaire

Wendy A. Tilley
Wendy A. Tilley
07 sept. 2020

Uncle Ed stated his scissors have mysteriously returned Post blog. Hahaha

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