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Here is an introduction to Mrs. Never Satisfied who is a first cousin to Mrs. Nothing is Ever Enough. Have you met them, recognized them, know them, or possibly could you have a close relationship with these two Mrs.’?

A yogini suggested this blog topic of never satisfied/ nothing is ever enough during a conversation that discussed the strive for betterment in life’s thoughts, deeds and actions. Think about this for a second.... how are we satisfied? What brings a person lasting satisfaction?

In yoga practice we strive to forward bend, and then forward fold, and then take our body through our legs.... striving...

seeking.... improving... reaching…. stretching... pushing the envelop. Are we satisfied? Huh? For example-Decorating our abodes for a holiday - just one Christmas bow, well two bows, maybe three... oh five bows will do it, OK SIX bows that’s all we need... then one more sting of lights. And then there are the spot lights.... how many spot lights are needed for satisfaction of decorations well done? Mrs. Nothing is Ever Enough with her yogini pandemic belly and sculpted J-Lo ponders the need for two more strings of lights on the fence line. What will the

neighbors’ gossip about with a missing bow wonders Mrs. Never Satisfied as she whips out another huge red bow with a Warrior One Stance.

Yoga practice teaches that when the yogini forward bends satisfaction abounds. Forward folds, heads through

legs, or standing still are enough and satisfaction comes from within our hearts and minds. Mrs. Never Satisfied and her first cousin Mrs. Nothing is Ever Enough yearn to improve. The cousins realized that being alive, breathing, stretching, reaching, seeking, and pushing the envelop is satisfactorily solid and enough... until it is not. There is nothing wrong with striving for betterment. There are also many rights with having satisfaction and enough. You make the decision and yoga practice teaches no judgment.

Namaste Ways to Never Satisfied, Nothing is Ever Enough. Namaste Ways.

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