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If you do not understand, like or watch football, does that make you different? If you do not understand, like or participate in yoga, does that make you different? How could you not enjoy and engage in football? A fall weekend filled with watching American collegiate and national football athletes who smash the living hell out of each other during four 15 minute quarters. What else could anybody want? The look, the feel of cotton - the fabric of our lives...ohhh wait - that is a different thought train.

Football in the United States of America has one listen for terms such as air it out, run defense, stay in the pocket dummy- oh hell intercepted- Picked off and feel the excitement build to a fine crescendo. If you were raised with football, you may attempt to

understand the plays, calls, penalties and nuances of the sport. Nuances refer to rule changes, advertising opportunities, and the grandiose revenue exchange. The huge machine of the fraternal order of American football is massive. The executed football plays are potentially memorable. Watching the gracefulness of an aired out ball landing softly into a receivers hands can bring tears to ones

eyes. Those tears may also show as fears. Tears for fears... ohhhh that is also another train of thought.

How could you not enjoy and engage in yoga? Yoga like football is four 15 minute quarters; however a yogini doesn’t smash the hell out of another Yogini. You may just feel like you are smashing your own body.... Hahahaha. Yoga – if you weren’t raised with it, possibly you don’t understand the nuances, poses, rules or penalties to your body. Yoga - listen for let the air out, release your defenses, stay wrapped in the kangaroo’s warm pocket, oh hell you did it- and feel the body penalties of the calming excitement which warms you like pima cotton.

Yoga poses like football plays can influence emotion with tears that

champion fears, J-Lo’s that solidly stabilize and create chiseled pandemic bellies. You may enjoy and understand American football. You may enjoy and understand yoga. Considering expanding your yoga mind and football mind. Enjoy.... oh hell try both, enjoy both, do both, engage with both.... Life is short!

Nasmaste Ways American Football and yoga…Namaste Ways.

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