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Updated: May 2, 2020

In the global climate words such as open, Reopen Close, Re-close fills our thoughts and ears. The Globe is topical with yoga. You know, yoga open your heart, reopen your breath, close your eyes, re-close your ego, stay in.

Work from home, stay at home that could be considered a work in. Essential workers may go to a workplace location. That may be considered a work out. Eat lunch in, eat lunch out. Topical terms in or out. Let the dogs in let the dogs out. In the refrigerator, get out of the refrigerator ahhhh I digress. You get it though, right? Yoga is a work in, not a work out.

Practice what you preach. If a person loves yoga, their practice becomes genuine. A work in. The longer you practice, the more you will get a feel for the genuine work in-openness, re-openness, closure and re-closure. Work in.

What you decide to get out of a yoga is largely impacted by what you decide to bring to the practice. If you want to only work out, you’re going to look for different qualities than if you want to start down a path of “work in“ with Namaste Ways in your life. But no matter which path you’re on, you want to have a safe work in and out, reducing self judgment. The work in is a learning process, so enjoy it!

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