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Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Talk about joy and pain...Sunshine and rain, which often results in circular rainbow colors leading to the legendary search for our own individual pot of gold. Could our joy and pain, sunshine in the rain add to the seeking out of our personal pot of gold while providing indications toward the following compilation of compliant, complacent, complicit, content, and complicated...well those are certainly a list of words beginning with the letter “c”.

Yoga practice entwines those words into action through poses and breath. It’s Complicated.

Possibly you may recall that movie title from a few years previously staring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin? Go ahead rewatch the show, take a breath or two revive. Uncle Ed and I watched this flick in the theater and cringed while laughing nervously...I remember

Uncle Ed saying to me...ahhhh don’t look at anyone else in the movie house...ahhhhh inhale, exhale eyes forward like a U.S. Marine...OMG COMPLICATED...the same as in our lives, the same as some of the yoga poses.

Content this word meaning seems double-edged and may be construed as snarky... Content as in satisfied, fulfilled, happy. Content meaning positively settled, settled in or just settled as in that’s all one could hope for getting in a situation, with zero aspiration of forward movement.CONTENT...the same as in our lives, the same as some yoga poses.

Complicit...just go along to get waves, no swimming upstream, not even any Kumbaya My Lord... Complicit as in “OK”, no yes, no no, just on the road to

OK. Complicit appears as no opinion shared....this action is not even a person I would describe as a waffler. Waffler-Noun. (plural wafflers) One who waffles, or changes sides or positions frequently. One who waffles or rambles; a vague, unfocused speaker or writer. Have you met a waffler? Sends me right over the edge...a waffler. A waffler strongly states a position on an issue and within a matter of moments flips the switch and completely reverses their position. A human who is a waffler seems to want to be “liked” and not make others angry...TAKE A STAND...waffler. Omg, did that sound like judgment? It is and was...TAKE A STAND. I did mention over the edge, right?

Complacent... what in the world... complacent just do the action vs. complicit ok, I will...just ok, vs. compliant which does the expected action whether wanted or not. So many entwined words and phrases. Yes, yoginis joy and pain pump it up, pump it up…Sunshine and Rain.

Yoga practice mirrors compliant, complacent, complicit, content, and complicated...Joy and Pain...Sunshine and Rain. Namaste Ways “It’s Complicated”. Namaste Ways our personal pot of gold. Namaste Ways Joy and Pain, Sunshine and Rain…Namaste Ways.

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