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I come to this blog today and this is what I have to offer, me here in this place with others. Take this life of ours and make it for a higher cause and a greater good. Please help us learn the lessons here that we are to learn. Please let this be a place of transformation for others and for self. Team Judgment, Compassionate, and Egotistical reporting for duty.

Opinionated, Discriminant, doing things one way and one way only, raise my hand to reach the top of the Empire State Building which is a high huh?

BIG Wave! Thoughts scream me, me, me. Let us shout out, AMEN? Practicing compassion while keeping the ego in check has hands raised with a medium to small wave in the air. Giving others a break or the benefit of a doubt (beyond a reasonable one) has had hands (both hands) glued inside our jacket pockets.