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I come to this blog today and this is what I have to offer, me here in this place with others. Take this life of ours and make it for a higher cause and a greater good. Please help us learn the lessons here that we are to learn. Please let this be a place of transformation for others and for self. Team Judgment, Compassionate, and Egotistical reporting for duty.

Opinionated, Discriminant, doing things one way and one way only, raise my hand to reach the top of the Empire State Building which is a high huh?

BIG Wave! Thoughts scream me, me, me. Let us shout out, AMEN? Practicing compassion while keeping the ego in check has hands raised with a medium to small wave in the air. Giving others a break or the benefit of a doubt (beyond a reasonable one) has had hands (both hands) glued inside our jacket pockets.

Aspirations exhibited for compassion, controlled ego and outsourced judgment may place yoginis and this yogini in particular into a quandary. How in the world does a yogini stay out of judgment? Observations yield that the kindest, compassionate, transparent yogini has a judgment quota even if it is self-judgment. Go ahead, challenge yourself for one 24 hour day. Stay out of judgment.

First, pick the day. Got it? Second, for that chosen day make an effort to stay out of judgment of others and importantly away

from self judgment. Draw a line between yourself and throwing judgment. Throwing judgment... is that the same as throwing shade? Sounds hip, happening, and cool? Ahhhhh cool, it is summer and cool air is inside. Uncle Ed freezes with a Parka and my skin feels tropical temperatures. Was that a judgment? I think it was... look how quickly regression occurs with out consistent focus on staying out of judgment. Ego/check. Compassion-looking for it, searching....sent out a search and rescue team which has turned into a search and recover team... have you met the team? Employed the team? Team Discriminant, Compassionate, and Eand Egotisticalreporting for duty.

Yoga practice encompasses keeping the ego in check, practicing compassion with others and self and not harming oneself in the process. Yoginis can become non- positive, and discriminant, so let me reiterate ... practice compassion, keep ego in check and reduce judgment inclusive of self. P. S. Uncle Ed is freezing.... This yogini is practicing compassion with tropical inside temperatures. How about you? Pick the

day. Namaste Ways.

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