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The practice of yoga does not need silence for effective healing. Yoginis can laugh, stream tears, conduct introspection in silence or non silence. Yoga practice is personal. Now, if we have shared practice, you have heard me say... if you need meditative yoga I am not your girl.... And we laugh. I am not a silent yoga practitioner. The sound of silence can either frighten the hell out of the yogini or revigorate the practitioner. Yes, yes I said revigorate. I coined the term this week to my sister. She was sharing about tiredness with me. I countered with practice yoga and revigorate. My sister said, “Oh my Lord, revigorate…I hear a blog coming”, And I laughed aloud, as I am sure she was correct.

Just like with George Harrison -Sing it with me... Oh my Lord-Hallelujah my Sweet Lord... I really wanna... (Ohhh I digress). I know the word in English is re-IN-vigorate/reinvigorate. I just felt all yogini like coining a new phrase. The 50+ yogini understands the words Simon, Garfunkel and George Harrison. The under 50 yogini-just hang with me...I've got you. Possibly, the new revigorate will make it into the urban dictionary. Revigorate-(noun) to practice yoga when presented with tiredness of the mind and /or body. What do you think? Would you like to revigorate this week? Silence...did you just go silent? Hahahaha!

Silence-while listening to your heartbeat. Silence-while listening to the sound of your inhalation and exhalation. Revigorate-is the newly coined word growing on you yet? The sound of silence associates with calmness, reverence and sadness. What conjures in your yogini mind when you hear the sound of silence? While Uncle Ed is on a super important tele-call, this yogini must become more silent than a church mouse 🐁 during morning mass. And this yogini is remember if you need meditative yoga, I am not your girl. If you want to laugh, stream some tears, and conduct introspection in silence or non silence-give yoga practice a go...The Sound of Silence...Namaste Ways Church Mouse, Namaste Ways RE IN VIGORATE

or is it REVIGORATE Namaste Ways? Hahahahaha...“Oh my Lord, Hallelujah.” Sing it with me George.....!

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