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My sister posted a memory on Facebook recalling times that during social eating events while the dinner dishes were cleared from the table, Daddy would lean into the table to say, “Keep your fork”. You may have heard the story and meaning behind the “Keep your fork” phraseology. Bottom line “Keep your fork” in the simplest form metaphorically directs us in a mindful manner that the best is yet to come.

Now, my Daddy used the “Keep your fork” direction because he did not want any one to miss the opportunity to consume the chocolate cake and peach cobbler topped with strawberries and ice cream. Daddy would add “Let’s have them all, have a piece of

each to start and when everyone has been served we will come back for seconds”. The fork- is the vehicle that bridges us to make sound decisions.

Daddy would share the following with the four of his children at a St. John’s Evangelical Church social event- “We will wait until everyone has gone through the buffet line and filled their plates. Do not get into the buffet line until everyone else has come through the line. This may be the only meal some people may have for this weekend and we want them to enjoy the food and fellowship.” We had snacks before we came and we can go out to eat after this event if the food runs out-OUR family will wait until everyone has eaten. Wonder if Daddy meant dessert too? Hahaha!

Yoga practice teaches us-keeping your fork is a sound decision that allows for a rational, loving kind thought process for others as well as toward yourself. Green Day’s lyrics below resonate- Song title is Good Riddance- I hope you have the time of your life.

Practice yoga and “Keep your forkTHE BEST IS YET TO COME. Namaste Ways Keep your fork, Namaste Ways.

Another turning point A fork stuck in the road Time grabs you by the wrist Directs you where to go

So make the best of this test And don't ask why It's not a question But a lesson learned in time

It's something unpredictable But in the end it's right I hope you had the time of your life

So take the photographs And still frames in your mind Hang it on a shelf In good health and good time

Tattoos of memories And dead skin on trial For what it's worth It was worth all the while

I hope you had the time of your life”

Green Day -I hope you have the time of your life- Good Riddance

Copyright Writer(s): Frank E. Iii Wright, Mike Dirnt, Michael Pritchard, Billie Joe Armstrong

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