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Why do you make a decision to post on social media? Here are some options: informational, conversational, connectional, controversial.....ahhhhh the last one controversial - who amongst us engages in a controversial post and expects non-controversial counter posts? A pro and con, up one side and down the other rip roaring respectful point by point controversial discussion. This is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Each one of us has the ability to discuss a controversial post, defend a solid point

and not become an arse.

We have a cousin that posted on Facebook something about when and if anyone on that Facebook post disagreed with her, that we should delete ourselves from that feed and she basically added the colorful New Jersey word with the additional word off after it. Now this is family, a blood relative, so just deleting someone off of a social media platform does not necessarily mean life interactions will not bring people back together...Right?

Yoga teachers kindness. Yoga teachers defend your position. Yoga teaches there’s more than one right. So ask yourself again, why is it you post on social media? Is the post wrapped into content engagement, information, or interest possibly? Have you watched the Social Dilemma on Netflix? Do you need social media interaction to live? Can that interaction engage in more pointed kindness and less shitty behavior to live our lives. Our child has shared with me that social media sucked out too much of her time. That’s a totally different generation, so I’m gonna go back to my original question...why do you choose to post on social media?

What is the Hawaiian word for kindness? Aloha-A catch-all word of good intentions and feelings. Used as a greeting or

parting, but also means love, affection, kindness and goodness. In Hawaii, people do things with aloha: drive, surf,

work and live. 2. Mahalo Thank you. Even though it is labeled on most waste bins, mahalo does not mean "trash."

Namaste Ways to controversial social media posts, Namaste Ways.

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