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ROLLED or is it ROWED?

Memorial Day Weekend-MONDAY 5/25 NO YOGA:

For those of you 50+ you will understand the term Smothers Brothers. For those of you 50- just read onward through Namaste Ways and you may then be able to see the heart, breath, spirit, structure, laughter and touch of calamity.

A few weeks ago I practiced the song Michael Row the Boat Ashore for a

Facebook post and just recently posted on's website. You know the song... everybody sing...Michael rolled the boat ashore- or is it ROW? Anyway, the post was multi-purposed with connection to breath, heart, spirit, structure and laughter inclusive of a touch of calamity. I obsessively audio and videoed my version. I wanted to sing both parts at the same time on the same clip, and I am not a mixologist of this type. Tending bar was once in my wheel house and that is how Uncle Ed and I met (that is a blog for another time). NAMASTE WAYS. Michael Rolled the Yoga Pose with Breath HA LLE LUUUUUU JAH or is it Rowed?

During the obsessive “jam” sessions Uncle Ed was on a conference call. You know me.... I was a church 🐁. On the 4th practice recording session, Uncle Ed went apoplectic. Namaste Ways. His breath elevated, heart palpitated, spirit dissipated, structure demolished and laughter.... only emulated from me… as in I pretty much “screeched” in my Evangelical Lutheran Church mouse voice- “What is the big damned Deal?” I am recording Michael rolled the YOGA POSE ASHORE. Namaste Ways. WTH This is funny..... OK

Uncle Ed will come around, however, in that moment even biscuits rolled with JAM did not elicit laughter from Uncle Ed. The steam from his ears has lessened.

This together ALL the TIME WORK FROM HOME pandemic has positives and learning curves now doesn’t it? A dear long-time wise non-yoga, non-Facebook using most of the time individual sent me this Smothers Brothers’ you tube clip for my recording efforts. Yoga pose, breath, heart, spirit, structure connection and

LAUGHTER.... NAMASTE WAYS. Thank you Don. Thank you Uncle Ed. Thank you Smothers Brothers. Michael rolled the Yoga pose ashore HALLELUJAH or is it rowed? Namaste Ways to the SMOTHERS BROTHERS heart, breath, spirit, structure, laughter and touch of calamity. C U ON THE MAT FACEBOOK LIVE WENDYTILLEY NAMASTEWAYS.

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