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Keeping something for “good”. What the hell does that mean? Have you ever done the following: You purchase an item. Let’s say a badass sweatshirt that has an acceptable vibrant color, (not only black) good weight, meaningful and complementary to your body style. Because you like this piece of clothing, you then place the badass sweatshirt into your closet to wear at a later time and to keep the sweatshirt as a for “good” article of clothing. Keep in mind the badass sweatshirt has now joined the ranks of many other for “good” likable attire

hanging at the ready to wear for a “good” time.

Well, keeping something for “good” can mean that you decide to hold onto to something forever/once and for all. Right? Another meaning of keeping something for “good” identifies with having plush bath towels neatly aligned in linen closets awaiting for “good” company to arrive at your home, use the shower and then need a for “good” plush bath towel to dry themselves. Heaven forbid for “good” company use non-plush for “bad” bath towels. Having company drip dry after taking a shower in your home could

could appear as “bad” posturing. Speaking of posturing- in yoga practice there is no such thing as “bad” posturing. There is only your for “good” posturing. Yoga is good and badass. Come on - you know what I am saying about saving something for “good”.

One yogini has shared that she employs her plush bath towels for daily use because her for “good” is here and now. The ontological philosophy that for “good” happens daily is empowering.

Use of the “good” stuff daily can empower each one of us to remember that tomorrow is never promised. Plush bath towels are just the tip of the for “good” iceberg. Iceberg, lettuce, salad, tomatoes, onions, spices, cheese, fry bread, salmon.... oh a Salmon Caesar salad is so “good” for a meal. Huh? Yoga.... ohh for “good”- yes yoga practice is “badass” and “good”.

Speaking of for “good” and badass have you watched Hulu’s Taste the Nation with

Padma Lakshmi? The show’s first season discusses food, immigration and historical American culture through 10 episodes that fly by, beginning in El Paso, Texas and ending in Oahu, Hawaii. One episode has been devoted to the exploration of the Gullah Geechee culture. Yes, Uncle Ed stated that he learned about the Gullah Geechee culture in his Memphis, TN 3rd grade classroom. Did you? My third grade class was taught in Southern New Jersey by Mrs. Sykes, and the Gullah Geechee culture escaped the curricula. Somewhere along the way I learned to keep items for “good”. Uncle Ed supports the philosophy of using the plush bath towels here and now.

Yoga practice teaches us that tomorrow is never promised. Let’s raise a glass of #Diet Coke in toast to the wearing of the for “good” badass sweatshirts in our closets, and the daily use by each of us, of our plush company bath towels post showering.

Namaste Ways Gullah Geechee Culture, Namaste Ways.

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Wendy A. Tilley
Wendy A. Tilley
Oct 29, 2020

Namasteways soooo true

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