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Final relaxation generally occurs as a yoga practice comes to a close. Corpse Pose, final relaxation or Savasana is a pose of total relaxation—making it one of the most challenging. Most yoginis are unable to relax and surrender their mind and body during this yoga practice phase. When you achieve the pose - You may fall asleep. Have you ever had that experience during yoga? Seems to feel like you are just taking a cat nap. The cat nap experience escapes many who walk among us. A coworker purported that she takes a nap daily. A nap daily let me say that one more time, a nap daily. The muster to sleep every night is illusive. Night Owls unite. Catnap... 🤦‍♀️ SMH.

Sleep...what is that? What does the sleep state mean? Parents who fully attempt to tire a child so that the little darling will fall peacefully into slumber. Possibly, you too have had this experience on occasion. Historically with public fervor entertainers tout sleep aides ranging from tranquil pharmaceuticals, music, white noise or bedding materials. Sleep is either illusive, defensive, restorative or deflective in nature or behaviors. Sleep - do you fall easily into slumber in the time frame of which you require? Hell…our devices have the technology to track the quality of our sleep. Awake all night, sleep all day...those behaviors originated from when I popped out the womb and reside with our family in present day.