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Ahhhhh finding out that what you thought was your life.... may not be your life…how could that occur? Ahhhhh finding out that your yoga pose movement process....may or may not feel like your yoga movement process…how could that occur?

Yoga practice through pose and breath provides ability for the yogini to feel differently with a flow of body and spirit movement. For example, Monday’s yoga practice working through the flow of forward fold, half-heart up may feel as though “you got this” and you are in the flow zone. Wednesday’s yoga practice working through the flow of forward fold, half-heart up may feel as though “WTH” and what has happened to the flow zone jam?

Really yoga practice is just like life. Some days we have it all together. Some days we’re attempting to gather the scattered pieces to piece or “peace” it together depending on our mind and breath.

Hey, on those piece/ peace it together days-you made it to practice yoga so you should then hear that you have the pieces to place together and you will have peace placed within you by the time you hear the word Namaste.

Speaking of finding peace have you viewed Mrs. Wilson on Amazon Prime? No, not the Dennis the Menace one. Mrs. Wilson an Amazon Prime limited series is based upon a true story. The main character Alison Wilson, is portrayed by her real-life granddaughter Ruth Wilson-who also played the character Alison Bailey on Showtime’s series The Affair. Yes, yes, Ruth Wilson has played a character named Alison multiple times. Anyway back to the Amazon Prime series -the memoirs of Mrs. Wilson depict a family

that on a typical Monday had the pieces of life all together and on a typical Wednesday the same family found WTH and struggled with life pieces and life peace. Go ahead watch Mrs. Wilson- the series is limited, quickly over- and leaves one wanting to find out more about the story, just the same as your yoga practice. A limited yoga session is quickly over if clock is watched, haha, and leaves you wanting to find your pieces for continued peace.

Namaste Ways Mrs. Wilson, Namaste Ways.

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