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“The Wonder Years” is an American coming of age dramedy series created by Neal Marlens and Carol Black; it ran on ABC from March 15, 1988 until May 12, 1993. One morning this week in our neighborhood someone was whistling a very familiar tune. Whistle- cannot do it well. You? The Beatles tune heard whistled was, “I’ll get by with a Little Help from my Friends”. This tune was reworked by Joe Cocker, whose iconic rendition was

performed at Woodstock on August 17, 1969. Yes, I said it…Woodstock. This titled song became a theme for the coming of age television show The Wonder Years. Oh my gosh... Coming of AGE….. What does that even mean? Did you ever watch the Wonder Years? It was on par with ABC’s the Goldberg’s so to speak.

Returning to the overheard whistling of which whistling is not in my wheel house. Just so that you know- singing a verse in my key well, -maybe that can happen. When this random person whistled a phrase and stopped for a few seconds - I came in with singing in my key- What would you do if I sang you a tune, would you stand up and walk out on me? The paused Whistler a few neighborhood homes down the block then whistled the next phrase and silenced. I continued to sing the next phrase and the exchange continued back-and-forth until the two of us finished three verses of the song. The interaction was sweet and unexpectedly appreciated.  

Yoga practice interaction is sweet, unexpectedly appreciated, and was designed for one Yogi and one instructor.

Moving forward with the business aspect of yoga practice, one instructor and multiple people made more sense, because most interactions are about not losing money $$$$$$$. What would you do if I sang you tune? Would you stand up

and walk out on me? Lend me your ears…..

Yoga practitioners connecting in the same space do not often know each other. Yoga practice interaction is sweet and unexpectedly appreciated. What yoga practitioners have realized in sessions is- whose mat places where and who is responsible for tasks- exampled in our practice with who controls the room temperature, or watches the clock for time.

Yoga practice is a sweet, unexpected interaction on both good and bad days …… We’ll get by with a little help from our yogini friends. We’re going to try with a little help from our yogini friends. Even when we only know them by their mat placement.

Namaste Ways to not knowing and learning the names of fellow yogini friends, Namaste Ways.

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