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Inside broom, outside broom, new dust pan, too. I have two strong arms, let me help. Our outside straw broom and blue dust pan have been a part our family since before Tia was born....yes, yes, even the yogini J-Lo rides a broom sans Halloween. Imagine the surprise, when last week I arrived at home from work and there was a new sheriff and deputy in town. Uncle Ed purchased a new inside/outside red -black nylon broom and dust pan. I flipped with a back extension. There was not any logical reasoning to extravagantly purchase this new broom and dust pan. Stated one person. Inside, outside. Much like Yoga and the practice of yoga. I know you’ve heard don’t judge a book by its cover. Yoga and the practice of yoga, it’s a little bit of the same way. Yoga is it work in, And from personal experience Yoga can also be a work out. Inside, outside.

When a person uses a broom inside or outside the action of sweeping things together occurs. Behavior of whether the items get into a dust pan and taken out with the trash or swept under the rug placed in hiding so no one sees the hidden is one of personal choices. Let me help, I have two strong arms let me help.

(Uncle Ed felt buying the extravagant broom and dust pan was a let me help behavior). Just like the lyrics…Come to practice. Yoga practice, May help a person sweep some things under the rug for a while until they’re able to actually come to terms with the hidden. There is a possibility that each one of us has been involved in some kind of sweeping under the rug. Either we have been the sweeper

or we have been the sweepee. Why do things get swept under the rug? Really that’s a wonder isn’t it?

Yoga practice doesn’t provide mystical answers or responses. Yoga practice allows for the yogini to work in and work out…inside, outside... there’s a movie even inside out right? Our clothing have an inside and outside. Sometimes we say we have the wrong side out. What’s wrong with sometimes just having the “wrong side” out? Double entendre there did you see that? Inside, outside sweep it under the rug. Sometimes I wear my clothes on the wrong side out and I do not realize it till almost the end of the day. Have you ever done that?

As you shake your J Lo while you’re sweeping your broom, maybe you’re cleaning your inside, maybe you’re cleaning your outside, maybe for now you’ve decided to sweep it under the rug? Namaste Ways the choice is yours. Namaste Ways wrong side out. Namaste Ways.

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