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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

LOSS. Each one of us has experienced a loss of some sort. I know, I know, you have conjured up a loss you may have experienced. This is the end of the innocence. For this post..........The loss of the lone sock from the dryer is a genuine loss and end of the innocence. Where does it go? I blogged about that elusive sock in a previous post. The sock is lost in

the dryer and when and if it is located a dubious feeling begins from the top of the head which bolts and jolts through the body all the way down to the palms of the

feet. The bolting and jolting alerts my psyche by screaming through a microphone LOST SOCK LOCATED. Possibly the lost sock just found me. Either way, I await the applause and adulation that should come from the laundry room. The washer and dryer both high on their pedestals clapping at the discovery. Can you feel the standing ovation? I found a lost sock. The pair is reconnected. I bet that’s happened to you at least once. Yoga breath aligned with a yogini movement......the feeling is similar to the standing ovation from the washer and dryer for a sock reunion.

The next tragic loss and yes in these times, tragic loss is when one loses an earring. I take the loss of an earring as if I have had a personal failure, inclusive of totally irresponsible behavior with sheer

inattentive actions. I count my earrings, first ear 1,2,3,4. Second ear 1, 2, 3. Naval ring 1. When I come up shy on these numbers I SHOUT ALL HANDS ON DECK...earring lost. I post a lost earring alert. Where is it? I text an all points bulletin to Uncle Ed, “I lost a gold hoop. Help me find it please”. I restate, WHERE IS IT? Is the earring in our bed, on the couch, in my shirt, in the dryer with a lost sock, in the car, in the yard? The end of the innocence. You know the feeling. A sinking pit of irresponsible behavior centers in my pandemic belly. Tracing my steps to find that damned earring in honor of Peter Falk’s Columbo... (that was a detective show for you under 50 reading this post).

One of my dogs has the Rockford/Mannix skill set and is a super sleuth about locating my lost gold hoop in the yard, bringing it to me in his soft mouth with glee. The earring needs sanitized, but I don’t care, gratefulness abounds and my dog is proud as punch to have located that little gold circle in the grass. This is the end of the innocence. Uncle Ed will tell you that most of my earrings are gold hoops, and that I should just put in a new pair. The irresponsible, end of the innocence loss of an earring makes my body shudder. I deepen my breath pattern the yogini I am, and start a mission to locate the lonely rogue hoop of gold.

Several of my girlfriends have also lost earrings. I tell you, we have put out a search party like no other to locate said earrings. A girlfriend’s earring loss just happened over Pandemic Mother’s Day

weekend 2020. Sometimes said earring is not even an expensive one. The lost said earring is just one that is liked, one that you have had for a long time with sentimental value or one that just basically goes with your skin tone, hair color and outfit. The loss of an earring can bring people (complete strangers) together for the purpose of uniting bangles.

Yoginis practice yoga to locate and reunite the calm centered feeling that may have become elusive just like a sock in the dryer or a lone earring. Loss, each one of us has experienced a loss of some sort. This is the end of the innocence. Namaste Ways lone sock. Namaste Ways Michelle Baze’s earring. Namaste Ways this is the end of the innocence. Namaste Ways.

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1 commentaire

The “End of Innocence “ doesn’t conjure up a lost earring to me , but I do have several that are now all together in a glass container on my dresser , maybe wear them mismatched like you would your socks when you lose one 🧦🧦😜

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