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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Serviette in French, das tuch in Deutsch- Towel, a thick absorbent cloth or paper used to dry or clean up. Tea, Paper, bath, kitchen, pool, beach, hand, dog, car-each one of these is a specific towel type. Maybe you have even thought about another type of towel description that brings a memory for you.

Growing up, our home had a laundry shute from the second floor to the first. I have heard... that if you fill up the laundry shute with clean towels and leap down the shute you can strike a yoga pose before

you land in the pile of towels. Throw down the towel-eternally, throw in the towel- blanket answer NEVER.

So, if you know me, you may realize I soooo have towels... I use towels- maybe you do too. For a shower I choose big bath towels - one for my hair, one for my body and one to stand on that covers the bath mat that covers the rug, which covers the marble floor…haha! Have you ever used a bath towel to do a specified job, but then it was not quite large or absorbent enough? Oh my gosh…just horrid! Throw in the towel. I say.... NO, NEVER.

Yoga practice has the ability to wrap your body, breath, mind and spirit into a warm, fluffy just out of the dryer GAIN smelling towel that makes you want to catch the towel instead of throwing the towel in.

For my car, I cover my seats and floors with protective towels. I place extra towels in the back Incase of a spill in the car. You may have had a soda spill, or a baby spew-sometimes from the J-Lo. My sister asks-WHY TOWELS? I tell her about many reasons, like preparation-there may be a car accident, we may have to make a tourniquet, pick up an injured animal,

bind a splint-who knows... preparation. She says...OMG. Plus-This may be the only car I ever drive. I want a high value, pristine with both the interior and exterior.