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When to act or to take action? That’s an amazing question. Some of us are slow to take action, some of us are quick to take action and some take no action. Really, taking action should be somewhere in the middle. When looking at emergency first responders, I don’t want them to be slowed in action. When looking to pay a bill on time expedient action is the expectation. When unclogging a drain, slow action is not what any one of us expects. Slow to take action, quick to take action or somewhere in the middle. Ha! On which side of the coin do you act?

Most of the time I am very quick to take action. I am ready to go and ready to roll. Roll like a Volkswagen down the hill with my pandemic belly and J-Lo. Ohhh action.

During yoga practice some action oriented movements permit the yogini to act by containing a still body with an active breath pattern. The combination of stilled yoga action takes a thoughtful focused concentration. Uncle Ed has a very analytical thought process, methodically and painstakingly thinking

things through in perpetuity. My college roommate has an analytical, weighing option type thought process. My quick to action shouts, BUY BOTH, EAT BOTH, TRY BOTH, WTH YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. Can you hear my little bit of judgment/sarcasm coming through? Namaste Ways. Yoga practice focus zeros in on kindness, compassion and turning the other J-Lo.

One Saturday Uncle Ed and I were poolside playing 500 rummy as he was kicking my arse. John Prine’s music was

blasting and snacks were consumed. Actually the consumption event was in full swing inclusive of Roasted Garlic Triscuits, Jalapeño dip and Diet Coke. During the poolside, arse kicking triscuit event suddenly there was a blood curdling scream that came from the direction of the cart path on the golf course. A few seconds later, there was a second blood curdling scream and then another. Uncle Ed heard them too and he turned down John Prine. Pool side in our suits, I jumped up and screamed over the fence DO YOU need 911? The bloodcurdling scream continued. We had no idea what had occurred and wondered did someone get hit by a golf cart, fall off a ladder or a roof? All that was heard were blood curdling scream‘s coming to our ears and that we were very close to the location of the

bloodcurdling screams. I called and connected with 911. Uncle Ed shrilling for me not to go out on the course in only my bathing suit. (Is that cause I look great or non great) I digress. Uncle Ed sternly stated put on a shirt, put on a shirt, put on a shirt, put on a shirt and then Uncle Ed threw his shirt over the fence and said

here’s my shirt PUT IT ON. This is because by this time I am through the house out the doors onto the other side of the house, on the other side of the fence, heading toward where the sound of the blood curdling screams. Uncle Ed tosses his shirt over the fence. I put on his shirt and continue with the 911 operator, you

know giving her all the logistics as I head toward the screaming. A 40 ish female wrapped in a towel because obviously she too was at a poolside said to me from a distance everything‘s OK. I shouted, SO you do need 911 or DO you NOT need 911? The 40 ish female said NO, WE DON’T NEED IT.I have been on the phone with 911, I’m still on the phone with a 911 operator and I told the 911 operator I’m so sorry, wherever this blood curdling screaming happened a 40 ish female stated that they don’t need 911. The 911 operator was very gracious and very kind

stating that if anything changes don’t hesitate to call back. I thanked her and ended the call with my heart pounding. Proceeding down the cart path in an all out Yogini trot I vowed to continue toward where I had surmised the screams originated using the process of elimination. (Analytical, huh?) I still have Uncle Ed’s shirt on over my bathing suit. A neighbor appeared from her backyard poolside and stated that this action is what happens when people go to play golf, imbibe and then are unable to open a fence gate. Namaste Ways, thank you for the clarification, glad everybody’s OK, but I have to tell you for about two

minutes it was heart pounding and heart wrenching. Quick to take action, slow to take action, somewhere in between. In my head and heart I had to respond and take action. I knew blood curdling screams meant something is amiss. Uncle Ed said that the person that imbibed pretty much made a fool out of me because I responded to try to help, someone who cried wolf. I did cry a little bit after I found out it was an action of intoxication. I am tearing a little bit now as I’m writing this recalling the blood curdling screams. You

know that if you’ve called 911 for anything you were looking for someone to take quick action, you’re looking for help. Saturday’s bloodcurdling scream incident interrupted the Triscuit event. One thought that comes to mind that I shared with Uncle Ed is that what if that when Chase stopped breathing, and I called 911, what if 911 were slow to take action. What if Gary Helvey was not one of the first people to my door with Springfield Missouri first responders? What if action was in action? I had to take action. Heart wrenching bloodcurdling screams.... unbelievable really. The blood curdling scream action impact created heart pounding elevated breath. I used yoga breathing to bring my focus back to

center. I was unable to muster the actionable Namaste Ways calm. The bloodcurdling screams were an Indication that someone needed help and they needed help immediately.

Take action, strike the imperfectly perfect yoga pose, eat the cake, BUY BOTH, EAT BOTH, TRY BOTH, WTH YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. Namaste Ways blood curdling screams Namaste Ways 911, Namaste Ways TAKE ACTION Namaste Ways.

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