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The saying "no good deed goes unpunished" was said by Clare Boothe Luce as one of her several quotes; she was an American Dramatist [Born: April 10, 1903 - Died: October 9, 1987]. I think its true meaning is "used to express the idea that beneficial actions often go unappreciated or are met with outright hostility".

Let’s jaw around on this thought for a second please.... No good deed goes unpunished. My sister has stated this particular phrase often. This post is to encourage the continuous action of good deeds, not to discourage anyone...Here is an example of this “no good deed goes unpunished” phrase in action. Early on during the global pandemic, daily life assurances  

became unsure. Fitness centers were mandated closed along with multiple other businesses. Employees from many different industries were in their homes either working from home or furloughed both with stay at home orders. People who “worked out” inside fitness centers, with trainers or group fitness instructors had to figure out a way to work through how to connect. So..... many people had no for sure work out structure inclusive of the potential fear to lose their income.

Namaste Ways thought- Let us help maintain structure by offering public- no cost yoga sessions for anyone who would like to participate on Facebook Live. The offerings provided the same class times and days with the flexibility (get it-yoga flexibility) of allowing live yoga session participation, in your own time participation or both. Getting to the no good deed goes unpunished part. One avenue used to provide information about the offerings and gain circulation to the public was to utilize the APP -NextDoor. Maybe you use the APP? A FREE OFFERING circulated on NextDoor and NEXTDOOR took Namaste Ways access away inclusive of my sister’s personal account because of violating their policies. SAY WHHHHAAAAATTTTT?? No good deed goes unpunished. Here is an excerpt of the exchange with a NextDoor Admin... 

Please continue your yoga practice. Please continue to encourage anyone you think would gain benefits to attend yoga sessions with Namaste Ways.

Moral of the blog post- No good deed goes unpunished, soooooo keep doing good deeds anyway. Namaste Ways good deeds. Namaste Ways.

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