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Don’t run the vacuum. Don’t use any cleaning products that smell. Don’t run the washer, the dryer, the dishwasher or any appliance that makes any sound of any kind. Keep the ceiling fans off and the air conditioner on warm, which really would be the heater right? So the question is… when you do clean, like really deep clean and what types of products do you use to deep clean?

Yoga practice allows for toxins to flow out of the physical body the spiritual center and mind. Unless someone uses incense or there’s a J Lo bang, yoga practice doesn’t smell. The sound of breath in the room along with the sound of heartbeats

and sometimes yoga background music is what’s brought to the ears during yoga practice, again unless there is a natural flow of music from the J-Lo Bang... So I guess Uncle Ed is right. In order to clean, no sounds of loud machines are really needed. No actual smells are required and we can wash that dirt right out of our hair. No…that’s wash that grey right out of our hair? For those of you in the under 50 set, that was a commercial years ago on a thing called broadcast television.

Yoga practice can have a specified time, but it’s not necessary, just like cleaning your home. I can have a specified time and day, although that’s not needed.

Clean when necessary, wash away those toxins. Come to yoga practice and you can wash that grey right out of your hair. Feel free to tell Uncle Ed that I said he was right. Kris Wells and Karin Qualey can attest that I have said that Uncle Ed has previously been “right” in our lives.

Namaste Ways to cleaning out toxins. Namaste Ways to fire up that DYSON. J-Lo BANG!

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