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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Think Brady Bunch practicing yoga. It’s a story of a lovely lady who was bringing up.....oh wait noooo that is not the story I wish to tell. This is a different story. A doctoral professor pled a persuasive case to begin a blog. So, here I am in front of you with the first story of an average lady, who is starting Namasteways about Yoga. YOGA, yoga, Yoga...... what a wonderful and often elusive practice... You May question yourself in your head ????Can I do it? How do I do it? Is my bottom to big ? What if I am not flexible? What if I have flatulence? Will I judge myself? Will I judge others? Responses to questions in your head. Yes you can do yoga. Yes you can learn yoga and yes yoga is both weirdly fun and relaxing. Flexibility is as individual as your eye color. Your bottom is referred to as your J-Lo. You know that brings up a complimentary image for beauty and movement with an air of fun and leaving judgement in the rear view. Gas passing more commonly known as a bang in my family is natural. The bang sound comes naturally from the J-Lo. Well, here is a story of a lovely, appropriately flexible, non- judge-mental lady with a J-Lo that might bang. Ahhhh what a uniquely different story for this initial blog. Recap: Yoga is fun, flexible for each person and your J-Lo In the rear might bang. See you soon. Bring friends we need the numbers. Bang ☺️😬

Wendy A. Tilley, MS/HRM, PHR

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