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Zippers…Yep, Zippers. Many items have zippers. Suitcases, eye glass cases, jackets, coolers, jeans and snowsuits have zippers. Snowsuits, yep. Snowsuits. You have not lived until as a child, you get zipped into your snowsuit and have your chin zipped right into the zipper teeth? Breathe out the past. Ouch! may hear parents say to children zippy zip it.

Translation-quiet is required. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me provided an example of zip it, zip it good. Did you see that movie?

When you watch any movie do you feel you are taking a moment for yourself to unzip and let yourself just hang out? Really, is there anything wrong with unzipping and taking a few moments for you? No, there is not. Breathe in the future. Life is short. Unzip, just like when you need to get out of your snowsuit. P.S. You may need a bandaid for your chin.

Yoga practice permits the yogini to unzip. Yoga does not have to have may, but zippy zip it is not a yoga requirement. Take time for yourself. Do you do it? Take a walk, enmesh with a book, watch a show, speak with an acquaintance and take a yoga class. Life is short. You are owed time to yourself. Go ahead stretch your pandemic belly, tighten your J-Lo and unzip with a 5 minute yoga practice.

Namaste Ways ZIPPY ZIP IT. Namaste Ways #gratefuleveryday Namaste Ways.


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