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Remembering who we are at the core is both joyous and painful. At the core, use core strength, dig deeper into your core- each are buzz phrases, you’ve probably heard them or maybe even used them.

Yoga practice teaches us to strengthen our core. That core comes from inside your mind, body, spirit heart and frankly deep down in your gut. Whether you are advanced or beginner what is your core? Is it your stability or from where you were raised. WTH, there’s a possibility we don’t even know what the core is for each one of us, right? Does yoga practice cross a line that you thought you never would? Think about it, what does your gut tell you?

A few years back I took a yoga class with the group fitness coordinator who had not practiced yoga. Maybe she was intimidated or scared, but pretty much she laughed aloud during the entire class. And this wasn’t my class where we actually do laugh out loud. Laughing out loud during yoga is really a fabulous and fun expression. Laugh aloud, express yourself, listen, question, and take direction from the advised lines drawn for you.