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My version-

Let the vineyards be fruitful Lord and give to us a cup of blessing. Gather the table with the seeds that were sown and we may begin with the bread of life. Gather the hopes and dreams of all; invite them to what we offer. Grace our table with your presence and give us a foretaste of the feast to come... Cup of Blessing huh?

The True Lyrics:

Let the vineyards be fruitful, Lord, and fill to the brim our cup of blessing. Gather a harvest from the seeds that were sown, that we may be fed with the bread of life. Gather the hopes and the dreams of all; united them with the prayers we offer. Grace our table with your presence, and give us a foretaste of the feast to come.

Fill or FULFILL...Fill it to the rim... cup runneth over, half full, half empty, fill my cup, drink from this cup, sippy cup, memento, advertisement or souvenir cups blah blah blah blah. Cups hold items and beverages. Various sizes, shapes, and designs of endless patterns each pose on cups. Get it? Pose. How many cups does a household really need versus want? 

Paper, ceramic, styrofoam, metal, china list as types of cups...... our cupboards runneth over.... and then, poof... the favorite cup gets cracked or heaven forbid shattered......what now? Do you have a plethora of cups? Some people collect cups...CUPS of all things, for heavens sake cups...Think about this for a second...What fulfills/fills your life’s cup?

Yoga practice works in concert with the strengthening of one’s body and mind through identifying the attributes of attitude, fortitude, and gratitude. 

What fulfills your cup? Religion, family, work, exercise, food, adaptable habits of positivity and or destruction.....may each fulfill your personal cup. The thing is...sometimes we have the task of filling different people’s cups. Wouldn’t you agree? Our cabinets are over-stuffed with

2 steps away from a hoarder -like amounts of cups. These cups may not get used or even touched, although the cups pose day in and day out. Would you have a like mindedness behavior of cup hoarding? Go ahead open one of your cabinets in the kitchen right now.... snap a selfie picture with your cup stash. Ohhhh they are pretty and accessible but have you determined what fulfills the empty cups, and why there are so many sitting at attention awaiting your approval to use them? Cups sitting in the lotus cabinet pose practice intricate yoga positions

as they await your arrival. Come on... you know we ALL have cups in our Cupboards that are placed into a zig zag puzzle arrangement awaiting in their yoga positions for you to fill them with your blessings.

Fill to the brim our cup of blessing. Or is it fill it to the rim with Brim.... ohhhh wait, that’s a coffee commercial for those of you under 50.

Either way... Namaste Ways fill to the rim our cup of blessings. Namaste Ways fill it to the rim with BRIM. NOW GO take those cup selfies and post them please...!

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