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Have you worked in the trenches with co-workers that have become your instant family? Let’s face it, when you work with people 12 hours per day you know more about those people than your blood related family. You know when your trench cohorts do not feel well or when they are elated physically, financially, emotionally and in any other way. You are in a manner connected with a connection, to over use the word. Working for Bally Total Fitness provided an example of working in a trench with a common purpose-that foundationed a connection.

Connection - what is a connection? When your phone or watch battery has run down to nothing one searches for a connection to an electrical outlet. Looking for employment one searches for a way to connect usurping an advantage with which to gain a pathway toward the generation of a flowing revenue stream. Even introverts may search for an electrical wowza to illicit a human connection.

The duality of yoga practice permits the yogini to connect with themselves and others.

Yoga practice helps to reconnect the lost and light a pathway. A lost connection can leave an unlit avenue riddled with wonderings of what if? Have you lost a connection or is there a connection that you want to establish or re-establish? This is not the once or twice per year connection - this is a connection that leaves you and the world bigger, better, faster, and stronger, because you made the effort to connect. Yes, yes - effort. There are few things in the world that do not require effort.

Connection is an action that requires an effort. Think about plugging in your phone or watch. Do you have a charger, is there an available outlet, is the available outlet hot? Soooo much effort - and that effort is for machines.

A human connection - adds an emotional component - who wants to engage in that much of an effort? Emotion - hell. Just like being connected emotionally to your co-workers in the trenches- and then one day — POOFF, the job changes, co-workers move on and the connection becomes disrupted. Commonality breeds connection-and sometimes connection takes effort when disrupted.

So pick someone and reconnect. Shake your J—Lo and your pandemic belly- Shake it off, Shake it off - that’s a song, right? Make the damned effort and make a reconnection action reality. Life is not long and time escapes us.

Yoga practice helps us connect with ourselves and our own lives so that we may share that connection just like plugging in your phone charger. One more time for emphasis- Make the damned effort and make a reconnection, connection action reality. Namaste Ways connection, Namaste Ways.

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