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Updated: May 23, 2020

You know when I look into the mirror, the reflection I see back into my eyes, I don’t think it’s the same reflection that other people see. Mirror Mirror on the wall... HOW COME I HAVE A MIRROR IN THE HALL?

When I look into the mirror I actually see my brother, so I’m looking into the mirror, but I see my brother’s eyes, I see my brother’s face, I see a reflection of me as my brother. Now other times I look into the mirror I see a reflection of my sister. Then another time I see a reflection of my other sister. None of us look alike…so I don’t know how that can be?

When I look at my body, I immediately see a reflection of my mother and grandmother… thank you for that mirror on the hall wall.

Mirror on the hall wall sometimes has problems. Scary!!! Really scary! Scary!!! Really scary!

You know that whole thing where the scale says one number and your body mass fat ratio says another, however, when you look at your reflection in the mirror; it says a whole Other thing!

Now we’re starting to look at bathing suit season and the other day I put my bathing suit on and I was so sad and thought…oh my gosh no more cake, no more cake!

And I have also been wondering…what should we see in our reflection? You hear all these sayings reflect kindness, generosity, and action of the golden rule.

I have to tell you some days are tough. Uncle Ed holds me accountable with telling me I am all Namaste Ways, until he pokes the bear and makes my little tea pot steamed. I’m a little teapot short and stout here is my handle here is my spout, when I get all steamed up and I shout, just tip me over and pour me out. (I digress). My reflection becomes muddied. That darn mirror mirror on the hall wall.

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Most people typically only reflect or see flaws instead of reflecting positivity or warm and cozy ones. So what I want to see when I look into the mirror is the warmth of my brother eyes, the compassion of my sisters’ faces and the generational bond of my mother and grandmother, with a touch of my Daddy’s compassion, generosity, kindness, and golden rule action. Namaste mirror mirror on the hall wall.

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תגובה אחת

Wow, that’s exactly where I’m at....Thanks for sharing.

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